Cultivate Collaborative Communities

Building healthy, connected, and equitable Minnesota communities for 115 years.

Since our inception, we have taken on many forms to cultivate collaborative communities. Today we strive to craft intentional solutions to build equity and foster wellbeing in partnership with the communities we serve. We are a multicultural interfaith organization working with and across the landscape of belief communities in Minnesota.

One hundred and fifteen years of challenges, breakthroughs, and victories – and we still have work to do.

We’re building stronger communities

Our aim is to address the root causes of inequities to create sustainable, rather than temporary, solutions. Strong communication with (and between) Minnesota communities is the best way to quickly fill critical gaps, care for ongoing needs, fight for equity, and foster economic participation.

We’re focusing on community-first initiatives in three main areas across rural and urban landscapes.


Clinical care accounts for only 20% of health outcomes; 80% are affected by the social determinants of health: employment and economic stability; education; social and community connections; neighborhood and physical environment; and access to healthy food and physical activity. We believe that efforts grounded in lived experiences that emphasize social determinants will have the greatest impact on health and well-being.


Young people are our most valuable asset, our future elders, our hopes and dreams. Our youth deserve safe, nurturing spaces to grow, cultivate skills for self-actualization, and develop into 21st-century global citizens, which is why GMCC invests in the education and development of our young leaders.


Food is vital for life, the center of our gathering table, and a wellspring of entrepreneurial and educational opportunity. Farmers and growers around the world are an integral part of the sacred ritual that brings food to the table. We partner with many in our state to make sure healthy food is reaching those in need, while also co-creating sustainable models for small businesses and centering food as a learning opportunity. Life and business skills in the food system include farming, cooking, agricultural technology, business and marketing, transportation, edible landscaping, composting and more. We are especially proud of our legacy of cultivating and connecting food shelves, individuals, and partners through our Minnesota FoodShare initiative.

Invest in your community

Join our growing movement of people who are investing their time, resources, and energy to collaborate for Minnesota’s future.

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