Cultivate Collaborative Communities

Building healthy, connected, and equitable communities for 119 years.

We are a multicultural, interfaith organization that works in collaboration with the communities we serve to build equity and foster wellbeing across Minnesota. Our aim is to simultaneously provide critical relief services while addressing the root causes of inequities that create sustainable solutions. We focus on services in three main areas: food, youth, and wellbeing.


Clinical care accounts for only 20% of health outcomes; 80% are affected by the social determinants of health such as employment and economic stability; education; social and community connections; neighborhood and physical environment; and access to healthy food and physical activity. We focus on these social determinants to maximize our impact on the health and well-being of our community members.


Our youth deserve safe, nurturing spaces to grow and opportunities to learn and cultivate skills; find and build community; connect with caring, supportive adults; and develop into 21st-century global citizens. Our neighborhood of Phillips, Minneapolis has a larger-than-average number of school-aged children and high poverty levels. This, combined with persistent educational disparities across Minnesota, is why GMCC invests in the education and development of our youth. 


No one should go hungry. We bring people together to close the gap on immediate food insecurity in Minnesota while working toward long term sustainable solutions to hunger.

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