Who We Are

We believe…

Families are the heart of Minnesota communities and are the key indicator of well-being in our state.

Sustainable access to food is not only imperative for health and well-being but is a human right.

Every young person carries the capacity for “genius.”

Communities do not need to be “saved” but rather require sustainable and equitable access to resources and opportunities to flourish.

Every community member is an asset and plays a critical role in the development and collaborative process of realizing the collective vision.

Racial, economic, and geographic disparities in Minnesota demand meaningful action with measurable outcomes.

Youth deserve safe, nurturing spaces to grow, cultivate skills for self-actualization, and develop into 21st-century global citizens.

Our role is to operationalize equity and justice in collaboration with Minnesota communities.

GMCC must be responsive, not prescriptive and able to adapt to the ever changing landscape of circumstance, opportunity and need.

Systemic inequities should not determine a community or person’s quality of life.

Our Origin Story

GMCC (Greater Minneapolis Council of Churches) was founded in 1905 as a faith-based initiative to serve the community. For 115 years, we have fulfilled our mission of “uniting people of faith, serving people in need,” through a range of initiatives that have included advocacy and education around equity and poverty; volunteerism and service learning; mentoring and youth development; support services for seniors; hunger-relief; and bringing people together to strengthen families and communities. 

Today, GMCC embraces our origin story through an intercultural, interfaith approach that intentionally welcomes all belief communities in our work.

Present Work

GMCC is an entrepreneurial organization that partners with communities most impacted by current challenges, providing an opportunity to co-design and craft responses with local stakeholders. We bring forth an equitable structure for collaboration and power-sharing. We work with communities and in spaces where we can add value, in particular in the areas of food, youth, and well-being.

Our work is guided by the following principles:

1. Focus on action


2. Supporting co-design and power-sharing with community

3. Maintain an asset-orientation approach

4. Focus on the social determinants of health & well-being

Future Work

Community Voice and Expertise

GMCC’s future work will be meticulously guided by communities with the intent of cultivating long-term and sustainable homegrown solutions. Instead of focusing on addressing specific, isolated issues, we will work on empowering local stakeholders and creating shared power structures. As an organization, we recognize that we do not have all the answers. We will, therefore, center lived experiences in our projects to better understand the urgency of challenges people face.

Although a lot of great work is being done in Minnesota, it continues to be siloed. An emerging priority at GMCC is to engage communities as experts to disrupt structural disparities that impede their ability to thrive, and compensate them as such. GMCC will continue to act as an infrastructure and capacity-building incubator, weaving networks and connecting local stakeholders already on the frontlines. The trust and relationships that we have built over the past 115 years will enable us to deepen our impact and expand our reach. 

“We are small, but large in heart.” – Gloria J. Lewis, retired CEO Big Brothers Big Sisters MN, and former GMCC Board Member

Our Collaborative Team

Adrienne Dorn

Executive Director

Reynolds-Anthony Harris

Business Architect

Megan Young

Director of Operations

Anesu Masakura

Resourcing Manager

Sarah Taubner

Logistics and Data Manager

Steve Gustafson

Facilities Manager & Development Specialist

Ameen Hassan

Initiative Logistics Manager

Tanya Batalska

Director of Finance

Courtney Plude


Jess Roberts

Human Centered Design Expert

Board of Directors

Bruce A. Ensrud, Board Chair

Wealth Advisor and Founding Partner
Parable Wealth Partners


Erin Rupp

Executive Director
Pollinate Minnesota

E. Selemon Asfaw

Chief Financial Officer
OptumHealth Care Solutions and Health Services

Henriette Ngo Bissoy

Science Teacher
L’Etoile du Nord French Immersion School

Jack Duffy

Area Vice President Segment Sales Leader 

Don Flower

Director of IT – The Wilder Foundation 
Indigenous Community Leader 

Ron Harris

Chief Resilience Officer
City of Minneapolis

Stephan Quie

Marketing Manager
Branch, Field and Partner

Dr. Nerita Hughes

Dean of Business, Technology, Career and Workforce Development
North Hennepin Community College

Rev. William B. MacLean

Associate Pastor
Mount Olivet Lutheran Church, Minneapolis

Jeff Peterson

Chief Marketing and Experience Officer 
Turning Technologies

Heather Riddle

Senior Vice President and Chief Development Officer
American Public Media Group (MPR/APR)