GMCC’s partnership with Sprout MN on the sprint project strengthened Sprout’s capacity to collaborate with partners in agriculture and build hunger relief spaces; improve food access and food security; grow the local economy; and a more resilient food system in Central Minnesota. Sprout is now shifting from traditional food and fund drives to a multifaceted approach to address food insecurity and food access in the state. For instance, Sprout is pushing some of the challenges small scale growers face, such as lack of processing and distribution infrastructure, into the political arena. It is also leveraging its relationship with GMCC to access different pockets of communities and conscientize different cultures about the varied types of resources at its disposal. Sprout’s future collaborations with GMCC will emphasize economic development, and small business planning and development. The organizations will also work on bringing in corporate partners in Minnesota to reach more people and create a greater impact.