Monday, July 31st kicked off our Genius Labs Summer Camp.

Week One’s theme was Spectacular Space!

Our 2023 Genius Labs Summer Camp was off to a spectacular start! The whole group spent this week getting to know Genius Labs and each other. We all learned so much and had lots of fun with new friends!

The Middle School group focused on NASA and the technology needed to explore deep space. On Tuesday, guest instructor Steve Birth taught them about electricity and brought them different motors & gadgets to power up using wires & circuits. They also enjoyed Minute to Win it College challenges Monday and Tuesday. Ask them what college name they chose for themselves!

Instructor Steve Birth helping students power a motor

Students powering a light with a generator

The Elementary group learned about the big word in our theme this week (“spectacular”). They also learned all about the different planets in our solar system, what gravity does, and even painted their own planets!

As a whole group, we loved going to the wading pool at Powderhorn Park and eating meals together (courtesy of Youthprise).

The group having lunch at the park before the Bell Museum field trip

We also all enjoyed our Friday field trip to the Bell Museum, where we watched the Minnesota Night Skies show at the planetarium. We got to see the different constellations, planets, and galaxies that are visible from our own backyards. This was really cool after learning different things about space during the week!

We explored the other museum exhibits, and especially loved the Touch and See exhibit where we could touch real bones, furs, and see live animals. Those who were brave enough even got to touch a live snake! Thank you so much to the Bell Museum for having us!

Student touching a live snake at the Touch and See exhibit

Bell Museum staff with students at the Touch and See exhibit

Stay tuned to see what we did during Week 2 of camp! Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to see more photos from Genius Labs.