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Social Media Contractor – March Campaign
Scope of Work

Organization Summary: GMCC has a 116-year history collaborating with communities to make a positive impact throughout Minnesota. Throughout our history, GMCC has invested in a variety of initiatives and programs that have included advocacy and education around equity and poverty; volunteerism and service learning; mentoring and youth development; support services for seniors; and food security. Today, GMCC is an entrepreneurial organization that partners with the communities most impacted by a challenge or opportunity to co-design and lead a response. We work with communities in the areas of youth development, food security, and well-being.

About Minnesota FoodShare and March Campaign: Founded in 1981, Minnesota FoodShare (MFS)  is a long standing brand of GMCC’s food security and justice work. Our annual March Campaign engages thousands of people to raise food and funds for our 285 food shelf partners across Minnesota. During March Campaign and throughout the year, Minnesota FoodShare raises and distributes funding to food shelves and other partners addressing urgent issues of food security. The 2022 March Campaign will run February 28th – April 10th. 

Role Overview: We seek a motivated Social Media Specialist with a background in online marketing for a small-scale project that will increase social media followers and create interesting mission-driven content. We aim to increase social media following across our social platforms and to increase awareness about Minnesota FoodShare March Campaign and GMCC’s broader work.

Type: Temporary, Contract
Reports to: Director of Operations
Dates: ASAP through April 30th

Pay: $2,000-$5,000 

Scope of Work / Responsibilities:

The selected individual will be responsible for the development and implementation of a short-term,cost-effective social media plan.

  • Increase following on social media platforms.
    • Current following:
      • GMCC Facebook: 801 page likes and 946 followers
      • GMCC Twitter: 138 followers
      • MFS Facebook: 1095 page likes and 1283 followers
      • MFS Twitter: 891 followers
      • MFS Instagram: 1550 followers
      • Website Engage Page → 
  • Increase traffic to platforms and engagement of followers across platforms Manage social media marketing campaigns and day-to-day activities related to social media pages leading up to, during, and for 4 weeks following the 2019 March Campaign.
  • Optimize social media profiles by making recommendations about integration of platforms
  • Create engaging, mission-driven content(visual, audio, written, graphics, videos, etc.)
  • Develop, implement, and manage promotions and social ad campaigns (via approved budget) 
  • Collect organize and post media shared from partner individuals and organizations.
  • Analyze campaigns and translate data into recommendations and plans for enhancing future social media campaigns
  • Provide a final report that includes social media data, insight, direction, and recommendations on social media best practices, insights, trends, and predictions

Ideal Outcomes:

  • Increased follower counts
  • Increased interactions and engagement with followers and partners 
  • Engaging, mission-driven content
  • Plan and recommendations for future content and platform management


  • 2+ years experience working with nonprofit clients
  • Understanding of GMCC and Minnesota FoodShare brands and relationships
  • Understanding of popular and emerging social media platforms
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Ability to multitask, managing multiple platforms and posting schedules
  • Experience making recommendations and analyzing data

How to Apply:
Email the following submission materials to
-A representative selection of social media (ads, posts, etc.), direct response material, collateral, etc. created for current and/or past clients
-One page proposal of goals, ideas, concepts, strategies, etc.