Face The Facts
Poverty Simulation

Our award-winning poverty simulation, Face The Facts focuses on education and awareness around the complexities and root causes of poverty, privilege, and social justice issues within our communities.

Each simulation experience starts with discussion to set the foundation and tone for the exercise and is followed with a collaborative debrief to think critically about choices, experiences, and assumptions made during the training. In doing so participants take steps towards unpacking and unlearning harmful ideologies we have come to know and accept as our norm.

Where: Our training can be conducted on site at our retreat center which comfortably holds 40-50 participants. The training is also mobile and can be brought to your site with no mileage fees for those in the Twin Cities Metro. If you are outside of the Twin Cities Metro contact us to discuss options for bringing the simulation to you.

Cost: Dependent on number of participants, additional fees may apply for extra facilitators, travel, and customization. Contact us for a quote! 

Time: Trainings can be completed in as little as an hour and a half but can also take up to three hours. We are able to be flexible to meet your groups scheduling needs. As a general rule we request 2 hours minimum but can work with in smaller time constraints for smaller groups.

Participants: Our training is best suited for young adults, adults, and youth older than 11 years of age.

Understanding that some of the topics and experiences built into our training can be triggering or hit too close to home, participants are invited at the start of each training to step out at any time, to listen to their bodies and minds, and do what is best for them.

We advise that groups be no smaller than 20 participants. If you have a larger group please contact us for more information on large group facilitation.

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