Minnesota FoodShare
March Campaign

 The largest grassroots food & fund drive in Minnesota.

GMCC’s Minnesota FoodShare began its work in 1982 as a campaign advanced by congregations to restock food shelves in the 7-county Twin Cities Metropolitan Area. The effort was so successful, and the need so evident, March Campaign became a statewide initiative just one year later and is now in its 43rd year.

Minnesota FoodShare March Campaign, the largest grassroots food and fund drive in the state, brings together organizations, businesses, faith communities, and individuals to help stock and support the capacity of nearly 300 food shelves.

To date, GMCC’s Minnesota FoodShare has distributed over $18.5 million dollars via the FoodFund. 100% of donations designated to Minnesota Foodshare during the March Campaign go into the FoodFund and are distributed to participating food shelves.

We envision a future where all Minnesotans have access to healthy food and no one struggles with food insecurity. This initiative directly addresses these issues. We invite you to join our efforts and advocate for long-term solutions to food insecurity in our communities. 

The 2024 March Campaign ran from February 26th to April 6th. See results below!

2024 March Campaign Results

  • $10,743,861 raised by food shelves
  • 7,570,420 pounds of food collected

2023 March Campaign Results

  • $11,209,763 raised by food shelves
  • 6,231,974 pounds of food collected

      Support Your Local Food Shelf

       This map and list are kept up to date
      with all participating food shelves from the most recent March Campaign. 

      Thank You to Our Food Funders

      Interested in sponsoring next year’s March Campaign? Contact Megan Young-Black at myoung@gmcc.org.