Masterful Collaborations

Welcome to the GMCC Masterful Collaborations Podcast hosted by Jeff Peterson (GMCC Board Member, Co-Chair of Masterful Collaborations, and founder of MANNA Made, “a podcast featuring ordinary men of extraordinary faith”).  The Masterful Collaborations Podcast will focus on and feature the various masterful collaborations that GMCC is inspiring and driving around the state of Minnesota.

In this the first episode, Jeff speaks with Bruce Ensrud (GMCC Board Chair), Gloria Lewis (Co-Chair of Masterful Collaborations, former GMCC Board Member, and former President/CEO of Big Brothers Big Sisters), and Reynolds-Anthony Harris (Business Architect to GMCC and Masterful Collaborations initiative) to get an understanding of the foundational elements of the Masterful Collaborations: what’s behind it, what’s in front of it, and the people and principles that are guiding it.

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In this the second episode we will hear about Genius Labs from the four members of our founding design team. Genius Labs brings together technological access, studio learning, and youth-centered design to create opportunities to middle school youth that foster creativity, independence, critical thinking, and self-awareness.

Featured panel:
Dr. Jeremy Wang, Genius Labs Summer Guide and Director of Science Education + Teacher at St. Thomas More Catholic School
Ms. Shvonne Johnson, Genius Labs Lead Guide and African American Cultural Liaison at Roseville Area School District
Jamil Stamschror-Lott, LICSW, Co-CEO and Co-founder of Creative Kuponya
Reynolds-Anthony Harris, Business Architect Contractor with GMCC and Founder + Managing Director of Lyceum Partners + design Inc.

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In this the third episode we hear about one of GMCC’s most masterful and most impactful collaborations, in the area of food, specifically food equity. Initiative Co-Leaders, Reynolds-Anthony Harris and Douglas Belton had a vision to unleash, scale, and harness the power of urban farming which has since become the initiative known as Minnesota Venture Farms.

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Read more about the Minnesota Venture Farms Initiative here!